Photo Calendar with Daily Photos

Select Elements Below

Select  a background, then any two calendars and then add planner stickers to mark important dates. Drag each element to arrange it on your page. You can make elements smaller or bigger.

Arranging Elements

You can move an element forward or backward so that it can appear on top of or behind another object.
Select the element you want to move. Click on “Bring Forward” to bring it forward or “Send Backward” to move it behind another object.

Add Photo

Click on "your photo here" and add your photo.


Add Text

Add text in the text boxes below.


Change Color of Calendars

You can change the color of the calendars by clicking on the color box next to each calendar.


Lock Elements

If you want to lock an element so that it doesn't move click on the lock next to the relevant element below.

This can be helpful when you are marking dates and don't want to accidentally move them.

Add text to mark special dates, events or things to remember.

The best way to print is to download the planner to your PC and to print from there. You can also print directly but sometimes it doesn't print on one page. If you are printing directly then preview before you print and adjust your printer's settings if necessary. 


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